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MILWAUKEE, WI – A woman in Milwaukee has been accused of killing her son by setting him on fire in a bathtub inside their apartment.

The Milwaukee Fire Department was dispatched to 23-year-old Amelia DiStasio’s residence Thursday morning after getting a call regarding smoke coming from her apartment.

When they made their way inside, they found the lifeless body of DiStasio’s 4-year-old son in a bathtub. The poor kid, who suffered from autism, had been burned alive.

Reports say his hands had been bound behind his back with several belts, and a plastic garbage bag had been pulled over his head before he was set on fire.

Also in the bathroom was an open bottle of cooking oil sitting in the sink, a pet guinea pig drowned in its cage by the tub, and the apartment’s smoke detector submerged in water.

A witness told officers she saw a “frazzled” woman jump from the window of the apartment building before firefighters arrived. DiStasio was taken into custody later that day after she was found walking down the street.

DiStassio has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide and is facing life in prison if convicted. According to DiStasio’s father, his daughter suffers from bipolar disorder and needs help, not jail.

Adding a bit of credence to DiStasio suffering from a mental disorder, investigators found someone had used DiStasio’s phone shortly before her son was killed to perform Google searches that included “Canabsls due” [sic] “How do canabals die” [sic] and “How to kill a canabal.” [sic]

The phone then accessed a message board dedicated to an online game where players fight cannibals. In one particular message that was accessed, players discussed killing the cannibals with fire because cannibals often “like to bath in oil.”

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