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AUSTIN, TX – Police have arrested a man after he was caught on camera having sex with a chain link fence.

The incident happened earlier this year when a woman looking out her window noticed 32-year-old Eliodoro Estala urinating on a fence that separates their property.

As the woman was filming Estala with her cellphone, Estala began removing his clothes and performed imaginary sex acts with the fence.

According to the neighbor, Estala “put his mouth inside the chain link fence and stuck his tongue out moving it up and down” as if he were “eating out the fence.”

But Estala wasn’t done. He then stuck his erect penis through the fence and began fucking it.

After the neighbor called police to report her neighbor was having sex with a fence, officers arrived and interviewed Estala.

The officers noted Estala was highly intoxicated when questioned. He denied making sweet, sweet love to the fence but was arrested when he was clearly identified in his neighbor’s video.

Estala was initially charged with indecent exposure. He was released from jail after posting his bail and hasn’t been seen since. After failing to show up to court, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Estala joins the numerous people we’ve reported on who got busted sexing up all matter of inanimate objects. Patio tables, couches, ATM’s, corpses, even road kill.

Seriously, you name it and we’ve probably reported on someone who got caught fucking it.

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