SAN ANTONIO, TX – We have an update to a story Morbid reported on back in 2015, regarding the corpse of a woman that went missing from a Texas funeral home.

Julie Mott, 25, died from cystic fibrosis in 2015. After her memorial service, her body was supposed to be cremated. However, the funeral home where her service was held could not locate her body.

Law enforcement was notified, and a search was carried out within the Texas funeral home and the surrounding area. Her body was never found. In 2016, Mott’s parents filed a lawsuit against the Mission Park Funeral Chapel for gross negligence.

To this day, the funeral home publicly states they have no idea how Mott’s body came to be missing. There were no signs of forced entry to the funeral home on the night Mott’s body went missing and no alarms were triggered.

When her body was first discovered missing, it appeared some ‘Last Dance With Mary Jane’ shenanigans may have transpired. There were even reports of funeral home employees asking an allegedly obsessed ex-boyfriend of Mott’s to leave the funeral home after her service so they could lock up for the night.

However, new documents now seem to point to something less macabre, and towards something as simple as standard incompetence. Filings now allege that a third party mortuary, Beyer & Beitel, is possibly at fault. According to these documents, Mission Park contracted with Beyer & Beitel but didn’t disclose that during the initial investigation.

According to the filing, Beyer & Beitel employees reportedly had ‘unfettered’ access to the morgue after-hours. They also had keys to exterior doors and knew alarm codes to get in the facility.

The new filing says that the owners of the funeral home either didn’t know about the relationship with Beyer & Beitel or ‘sought to conceal’ the fact that they subcontracted services to them for years. The owners had initially denied the use of subcontractors.

“After initially denying the use of subcontractors to transport and embalm deceased loved ones, Mission Park now admits that they have used the subcontractor for many years, without any supervision to speak of, by Mission Park,” according to the documents revealed by the Express filed on behalf of the Mott family.

Even more damning, Beyer & Beitel settled a lawsuit after being sued for mixing up two bodies months before Mott’s disappearance.

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