COLUMBUS, OH – One person is dead and seven others injured after a ride at the Ohio State Fair malfunctioned, sending riders flying through the air.

There are news articles everywhere about this incident, but if there is one thing that fascinates me more than animal attacks, it is amusement park accidents.

Anyway, the incident happened yesterday evening on the opening night of the Ohio State Fair. That’s when a ride called the Fireball had a major malfunction resulting in the death of an 18-year-old.

The ride holds 24 passengers in four-seat sections at the end of six spoke arms, swinging the riders like a pendulum 40 feet above the ground while spinning them at 13 revolutions per minute. You can check out this page for ride info and some video of it not throwing riders to their deaths.

For reasons currently unknown, one of the four-seat sections detached from the ride while on an upswing. As you can see in the video below, two people are sent flying from the ride while the others were still strapped in their seats.

The teen reportedly died on impact 50 ft from the ride. Three of the riders were taken to Ohio Health Grant Medical Center in critical condition, while four others were taken to Wexner Medical Center in stable condition.

Gov. John Kasich ordered the other 71 rides at the fair shut down. They will be re-opened after they have all been re-inspected. A handful of rides near the Fire Ball will remain closed while the investigation into the accident continues.

The following video is of the accident. I’ve watched it frame by frame and you can clearly see on of the seats detaching, but the two bodies you see flying in the air look like they fell from a totally different seat.

And here’s some aftermath video that shows some of the injured. Be warned, it’s not gruesome or anything, but does seem like it was recorded by someone having a seizure. If anything, check it out for the State Trooper at the end who expertly tries blocking the cameraman from trying to record the injured.

Lastly, here’s a news conference about the accident.

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