TOMS RIVER, NJ – Police say a 10-year-old girl was electrocuted in a lagoon behind a home in New Jersey.

The incident happened Saturday night in a waterfront section of Toms River known as Shelter Cove, where 11 -year-old Kayla Matos was visiting friends.

Matos and two of her friends eventually got in the water where they were swimming and using an inflatable raft. Here’s where the news reports get a little confusing.

From what I can gather, two of the girls touched a rail to a metal boat lift, causing an electric current to energized the equipment. This, in turn, electrocuted Matos.

Adults supervising the children and immediately began performing CPR on the girl until medics arrived.

Matos was rushed to the hospital where she would later die. The other two girls were unharmed.

“It’s like a nightmare we’re living in. It’s just not real. Just not real. She was just a little girl. She loved just simple things,” said one of Matos’ relatives. “She was very excited for a dance coming up. It’s just very sad. She will be truly missed.”

I’m not an electrician, so I am not quite sure exactly what caused Matos to get electrocuted… but I imagine it has a lot to do with faulty wiring with the boat lift.

This is the second death of this type over the weekend. In Put-In-Bay, Ohio a 19-year-old was also electrocuted near his family’s boat.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a family were docked at a marina when they plugged the shore power into the boat.

Their dog fell into the water and began to struggle, so the father jumped in and also began to struggle. Then his two sons jumped in to help, and then they began to struggle.

Bystanders who knew what was happening yelled at the mother to unplug the boat, stopping the electrical current in the water. Everyone got back in the boat, but 19-year-old Evan Currie was unresponsive and convulsing. He died at the scene.

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