SANDY, UT – An absolutely pathetic man murdered his married ex-girlfriend and her 6-year-old son before turning the gun on himself.

From what I can gather, 32-year-old Jeremy Patterson had been in a six month long relationship with 39-year-old Memorez Rackley, who is married.

Their relationship ended and, going by Patterson’s cringey social activity, he could not let her go. He made a series of posts on Instagram and Facebook professing his love for Rackley while lamenting the fact that she wanted to keep him a secret.

After 6 months, I never met her friends, family or kids!!!” he whined. “I don’t think anyone deserves to be kept a secret.

I’m assuming Rackley realized she had made a huge mistake and tried to break off contact with Patterson, going as far as contacting police Saturday morning to have them tell Patterson to stop contacting her.

That’s when Patterson really went off the deep end, posting a picture of the puppet from Saw on Instagram with the caption, “My ex thinks she can Control even when we aren’t together!!!! Let the games begin bitch!!

On Tuesday afternoon, Patterson confronted Rackley just after she’d walked to pick her two boys up from elementary school. Fearing for her life, Rackley flagged down another parent who was at the school picking up her two kids and told her she was being stalked.

That’s when Patterson rammed the woman’s SUV with his truck, got out of his vehicle and opened fire. Killed were Rackley and her 6-year-old son, Jase Rackley.

Her other son, 11-year-old Myles Rackley, was wounded and currently in the hospital. The Good Samaritan’s 8-year-old daughter was shot in the leg.

After killing Rackley and her son, Patterson did the world a favor and turned the gun on himself.

It’s just too bad he couldn’t have done that before he opened fire on Rackley and a bunch of kids.

The Rackley family members released a statement asking for privacy.

“Our family is heartbroken by the events of yesterday,” the statement reads. “We are focusing on supporting our injured son in his recovery. We are grateful to the good Samaritan that stopped to help our family and our thoughts are also with their daughter who was injured. At this time we appreciate the prayers of so many.”

I feel bad for Rackley’s husband. He gets news that the man who killed his wife and youngest son was his wife’s ex-lover. That’s got to be one hard pill to swallow, yeah?

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