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UNKNOWN – A video is making the rounds that shows an elderly woman being slammed to the ground before being thrown into a pool.

The video showed up on Sunday and shows the woman walking into the midst of a crowded pool party while walking two small dogs.

The unidentified woman seems to be asking for the party-goers to turn down the music while she is jeered and laughed at. At some point, you can clearly hear a female instruct someone to throw her into the pool.

An idiot honors the request and lifts the elderly woman up before slipping on the wet ground and inadvertently body-slamming the poor woman on to the hard ground. Undeterred, the man gets back up and forcefully drags the woman towards the swimming pool before tossing her in.

The two dogs the woman had been walking managed to run off before the woman hit the water. What happened to the woman next is unclear as the person filming, along with others at the party, all start running away from the scene while laughing.

Whoever the idiot was who tossed that lady into the pool is going to be in a world of legal hurt, I bet. You can tell he didn’t mean to slam her to the ground, but he shouldn’t have touched her in the first place. Besides, a fall like that can be devastating for a woman that age – then to toss her in the water regardless? Christ.

I’ll try to update the article as more information becomes available.

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