Omaha, NE — Antonia Lopez, 16, was featured here at the Dreamin’ Demon back in October after she tossed her premature infant out of a second-story window. Well, she’s been sentenced….. kinda.

For those too lazy to click this link and refresh their memory about this particular story, a summary:

Lopez gave birth to a baby girl in her bedroom on September 30. The baby weighed a whoppin’ 2 pounds and was 14 inches long.

Lopez tossed the baby out of her bedroom window, then confessed to her mother what she had done. She also sent a message to her boyfriend on Snapchat, saying “It was a girl, by the way.”

The teen’s mother called authorities and tried to revive the child, but to no avail — the baby girl was pronounced dead at the hospital, and Lopez was charged with felony child abuse resulting in death.

Lopez was to be charged as an adult and was ultimately placed in the Douglas County Youth Center after undergoing a medical evaluation. She was facing 20 to life if convicted.

She didn’t get that 20….

Lopez recently told the court she had no idea she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, however, disputed that claim. He told police that he had urged Lopez to tell her mother about the pregnancy and see a doctor. She refused.

The autopsy revealed that the baby suffered bleeding near her skull, brain, spine and abdomen. The pathologist told police that the bleeding indicated that there was a heartbeat… the baby was alive when the blunt-force injuries were sustained.

Last Friday, Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly “sentenced” Lopez. Because of her mental state, apparently, and her lack of a criminal record, she received probation and has been ordered to perform 50 hours of community service. She must live in a group home, and undergo both individual and family therapy. She has also been ordered to delete her Facebook account because her profile has been flooded with negative comments since her arrest.

Lopez remains incarcerated until the courts can find a group home that actually wants her, most homes have already claimed that she is high-risk.


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