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Brooklyn, NY — A man attempting to pay it forward got his ass handed to him inside a Texas Chicken and Burgers joint earlier this month.

Joseph Molohon, 37, apparently overheard a couple guys in the restaurant complaining that they were short a few bucks for their order. Molohon, who had just cashed his SS check, mentioned that he was more than willing to chip in.

“I help everybody. I help people with cigarettes. If they ask me for money, I’ll give them a dollar or two. I’m a really nice person. I’m a country boy,” Molohon said.

“I would have given them whatever they needed. If they needed five bucks, I would have given them five bucks. A meal there costs like $7.”

Instead of a ‘thanks’, or even a ‘no thanks’, the two men reportedly flipped their shit.

“He started saying stuff like, ‘Why are you talking to me?’ Then he took my cane, which was leaning on the table, and hit me over the head. The next thing I knew I was on the floor.”

Surveillance video shows the two men attacking Molohon, who says he suffers from MS and HIV. The video also shows two more people racing into the restaurant to assist in the beating of the stick thin disabled man.

After all four exited the building, a fifth came in and emptied Molohon’s front pockets. Fortunately, dude didn’t check Molohon’s back pocket…. that was where he had close to $1,000 stashed.

Molohon was treated for a gash on the head and a fractured cheekbone. All five of his attackers are still on the loose.

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