HORSHAM, PA – Got some horrible news for you out of Pennsylvania, where a couple have been charged in the rape, murder and dismemberment of the woman’s teenage adopted daughter.

There’s a lot of details with this case, so I’m going to start at the beginning.

Back in July, 41-year-old Sara Packer went to police to report her adopted daughter, 14-year-old Grace Packer, had run away from home  after an argument. She explained she had done this before and that on this occasion, she had taken $300 from the home.

Over the next several months, the Abington Township Police Department investigated Grace’s disappearance, but without the help of Sara. They say Sara ignored them, didn’t let Grace’s family know she was missing and continued to collect a Social Security check in the girl’s name – spending over $3000 of the funds.

In November, Packer was charged with hindering attempts to find her daughter and later released on bail.

On October 31, hunters would find a head and torso in the woods and called police. Investigators were able to use dental records to identify the remains were Grace’s and that she had died of a homicide. They held a press conference in December asking for the public’s help in catching her killer(s).

A week later, a woman involved in a polyamorous relationship with 44-year-old Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer, called 911 to report Sullivan had attempted suicide.

“I don’t know if you have watched the news lately,” the woman told the dispatcher when asked why Sullivan would want to kill himself. “Someone we were involved with was recently…It’s a big mess. It’s a big mess and I don’t really know how to explain it. But oh my God.”

Sullivan was rushed to the hospital for a pill overdose, and responding police would find a suicide note from Sullivan that read:

Grace Packer

Dear babies,

I love you all so much. You are the only people that I have always been able to count on. I’m sorry that I am taking the coward’s way out, but I don’t have any strength left in me.
People want to judge and lie and break me down. They have.

I can’t exist with Sara in jail and those fucking lying pigs and the whore media have made it impossible for us to live.

They don’t care how many lives or laws they break. I know you will always know that we had nothing to do with this no matter what lies they tell. I’m sorry to leave you. Remember all I’ve taught you. Be brave, stand tall and do your best to be stronger than I was.

I love you.


(*violently wretches*)

Later that night, the woman called 911 again to report that after everyone had left the house,she found Sara Packer unresponsive inside the bathroom after having also tried to overdose on pills. She told them she drove Packer to Abington Hospital.

Then, on Saturday, staff members at Abington Hospital called police to report Sullivan had admitted to them and visiting family that he was responsible for Grace’s murder, and that Sara was his willing accomplice.

Police would interview Sullivan and he would end up telling them everything that had happened to Grace, a story that is as tragic as it is horrific. He said that he and Packer had been planning Grace’s murder since 2015 after Grace returned from living with a family member in North Carolina.

He said that three days before Packer would report her daughter missing, Sullivan struck Grace in the face several times. He and Packer then took Grace into the attic where she was raped by Sullivan while Packer watched. Sullivan also told investigators that was not the first time he had sexually assaulted Grace.

Packer then gave Grace pills to help with the pain, then left her tied up and gagged in the attic. They did not return to the home until the next day, expecting to find Grace dead in the attic. She wasn’t. So Sullivan admitted to strangling Grace to death then packing her body in kitty litter and moth balls. Her body would remain in the attic for three months.

Sullivan became worried her body would be found after police visited the home during their investigation into Grace’s disappearance, so that’s when they dismembered the teen’s body in a bathtub and disposed of them in the woods.

Sarah Packer and Jacob Sullivan

As for a motive, it seems as if it were a part of the couple’s shared fantasy.

“This was a sexual fantasy that was shared between Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer, and Grace Packer was the object of that rape-murder fantasy,” said Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub.

Both Sullivan and Packer have been arrested and charged with Grace’s rape and murder, as well as kidnapping, abuse of a corpse and a few more charges.

After being released from the hospital, Sullivan apologized to reporters as he was being led into court. “I’m sorry for what I did,” he said. “It was wrong.” As for Parker, she did the smartest thing she’s probably done in her pathetic life as she was led into court — she kept her mouth shut.

Not that it matters much… investigators have so much evidence against the couple they could probably convict them without Sullivan’s confession. Oh, and Weintraub seems to want the couple buried beneath the jail.

“Unfortunately Grace Packer was a disposable child to these people,” said said. “She actually would have been better off had she been a forgotten child. And the question becomes, who will remember Grace Packer? Who will now speak for Grace Packer? We will.”

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