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jesse-holtonELMORE COUNTY, AL – Police say 17-year-old Jesse Holton fatally shot both of his parents in the head after they found a marijuana pipe in the house and tried to punish him.

April and Mike Holton returned home Sunday to find a marijuana pipe in their home left over from a party Jesse had at the house.

The couple have had issues with Jesse in the past and decided to teach him a lesson. Bill handcuffed his son, placed him on a couch, and called police.

“Mike greeted the deputy, he said ‘hey look, trying to teach my son a lesson, when you go in, I’ve pretty much handcuffed him and put him on the couch,'” Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin said.

The deputy collected the evidence and the couple walked with him back to his car leaving their son inside the home. Twenty minutes later, Jesse went to a neighbor to say his parents were fighting.

The neighbor called police who arrived at the home to find both Mike and April suffering from gunshot wounds to the head. Mike was pronounced dead at the hospital and April would die shortly afterward.

Jesse told police that his dad had killed his mom before turning the gun on himself. According to investigators, the evidence says otherwise. The angle at which the bullet entered Mike’s head shows it would have been impossible for Mike to have shot himself, and April had injuries that show she tried to shield herself with her hands.

“We know now the entry and exit wounds were as we thought, and we know there’s no way Mr. Holton took his life, according to the pathologist,” Franklin said. “On Mrs. Holton it would be apparent defense wounds, where you would be putting your hands up in that fashion where one of the fingers took a round from a gunshot.”

Jesse told detectives that he gets “easily agitated” if he doesn’t have access to marijuana and Adderall. Witnesses told investigators the teen has anger problems.

“We are dealing with young man with a history of emotional trouble,” said Franklin who added that the teen has shown no emotion.

Jesse is now facing murder charges and is being held in the Elmore County Jail on $15,000 bond.

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