Liam FeeSCOTLAND – A couple have been convicted of murdering a woman’s 2-year-old son in a case that’s being called one of the most shocking child abuse trials ever to take place in a Scottish court.

Before we get to the convictions, here’ some background: Liam was the son of 31-year-old Rachel Trelfa and Joseph Johnson. Trelfa was living with Johnson until she became pregnant with Liam, at which time she left Joseph for 28-year-old Nyomi Fee, a woman she had been having an affair with.

The pair entered into a civil partnership and, over the next two years, numerous reports were made regarding Liam. These reports were made by a babysitter and workers at two separate nurseries who were concerned over Liam’s bruises and his lethargic behavior.

The women would explain to social workers that the boy’s injuries were caused by falling, or by the boy “pinching himself.”

In March of 2014, police were called to the couple’s apartment where they told police Liam had been killed by one of the two 7-year-olds who lived in the home. Police didn’t buy the story, especially after a pathologist ruled Liam’s death was the result of him being hit so hard in the chest that his heart ruptured.

It was also discovered that the boy had 30 other injuries at the time of his death, including an untreated broken arm and leg. The pathologist went on to note that Liam’s injuires were aking to injuries suffered by victims of car crashes.

During their investigation, police would also discover that Liam wasn’t the only one who had suffered abuse in the couple’s home. One of boys eventually told them the women had convinced him he’d killed Liam. He and his brother both described the systematic torture the women had doled out on them and Liam inside the apartment.

They said they were forced to stand naked or in their underwear inside a cage, or take freezing showers as punishment for wetting the bed. They said they were forced to sleep in a room that contained the women’s nine snakes and were told the animals would eat them. The women also threatened to cut off one boy’s penis and made him go without food, and another was forced to eat his own vomit.

It was also revealed during the women’s trial that they had Googled “can you die from a broken hip” and had placed one of the boy’s hands in the dead boy’s mouth. Both women were ultimately found guilty of murder and on eight abuse and neglect charges. They are both facing life in prison when they are sentenced on July 6.

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