Kristen LindseyAUSTIN, TX – Kristen Lindsey, the veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow then posed with its corpse on Facebook, is fighting to keep her veterinarian’s license.

Last year, Lindsey posted a picture of her holding a skewered cat that she had shot through the head with a bow and arrow. It was captioned:

My first bow kill lol. The only good tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…gladly accepted

Anyone with a shred of intelligence can guess what happened next, and I am still amazed that Lindsey did not foresee the same consequences. She was flooded with messages from outraged animal lovers and was eventually fired from her job at the Washington Animal Clinic.

She was not charged with a crime, but the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners wanted her license revoked. She is currently in the middle of a three day hearing in an attempt to keep that from happening.

On day one of the hearing, Lindsey took the stand and explained that she only killed the cat because she thought the cat was feral. She explained that the cat had a foul odor and was flea-ridden, left droppings on her lawn and fought her own pets.

On that same day, Claire and William Johnson claimed the cat Lindsey killed was theirs pet cat, Tiger. On the second day, a veterinarian backed up the couple’s claim by testifying the cat in the image was neutered and too well-fed to be feral.

He went on to add that cat in the Facebook photo was alive, based on the position of its legs, and said he was “shocked, bewildered, that a colleague could kill a cat like this.”

Lindsey’s defense countered with testimony from a vet with 47 years of experience who said that there was ‘no way’ someone could tell the cat was alive from that photo. He added that from the angle of the arrow in the cat’s head, it was clear the cat was definitely dead and most likely died instantaneously.

When Lindsey’s attorney asked her if she thought a bow and arrow was an appropriate way to kill a cat, she responded: “I believe it was efficient, but appropriate…no.”

Lindsey said that while she has been able to keep her license, she hasn’t been able to find work since she was fired. 

“It’s pretty much put me out of work for a year,” she said. “I’m essentially unemployable. I’m not licensed elsewhere, so until I get this resolved… There is not much I can do.”

I don’t think it will matter much if Lindsey keeps her license or not, she will be paying for that FB post for the rest of her career. The Internet rarely forgets images of people smiling while holding up a cat by the arrow they shot into its head.

If you want to keep up with this story, there are online groups like Tiger’s Justice Team News Page, who are posting updates to this story as they happen.

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