catfishSYRACUSE, NY – Man, oh man. Do I have a twisted one for you this morning. A father has admitted to catfishing his daughter for nude pictures that he would later use as blackmail material to molest her.

Back in 2013, a 41-year-old man created a handful of social media accounts pretending to be a 16-year-old boy. He used this account to communicate with his 14-year-old daughter and used the account to enter into an online relationship with her.

Throughout the relationship, the boyfriend constantly asked for the girl to send him nude pictures of herself. She initially resisted, but eventually sent him sexually explicit images of herself, totally unaware she was actually sending them to her own father.

The girl grew tired of the relationship and tried to break up with the boy, explaining she was looking for someone interested in more than just sex. Her father, posing as the teenage boy, responded to this breakup by asking for more nudes. When she denied his request, he resorted in blackmailing her using the previous pictures she’d sent him.

“Then I will send these to your dad and then I won’t have to worry about anyone else having u,” he texted her.

“I told you that a bunch of times when we were dating that I don’t like those pics and now you are threatening me that if I don’t send you those then you’ll send my dad the ones I sent you before?” she texted back. “My life is ruined.”

It’s unclear in the news articles I read if this worked and the girl sent more pictures, but shortly after the breakup the girl received a disturbing message from the boy’s account. It was from someone claiming to be his mother, informing the girl that her ex-boyfriend had committed suicide.

So far, this man has tricked his daughter into sending him nude images of herself by pretending to be a teenage boy who committed suicide shortly after they broke up. You would think it couldn’t get any worse, but this father figured out a way.

The father told his daughter that despite her dead boyfriend’s promise, he had sent him the nude images. According to court records, he told the girl how much he enjoyed the pictures and began sexually abusing her.

This sexual abuse went on for a year until the girl told a school nurse and police were notified. During their investigation, police would discover the girl’s ex-boyfriend and her father were the same person after finding the boy’s texts were coming from her home.

Her father was arrested and pleaded guilty to 12 counts of enticing a child to produce child pornography and receiving and sending child porn. He’s looking at a possible 250 years in prison when sentenced in July. He’s still facing sexual abuse charges, so it’s doubtful he will ever get out of prison.

“It is very emotional,” he told the judge while he sobbed in court. “I’m giving away many years of my life.” Boo fucking hoo.

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