Nicole LovellBLACKSBURG, VA – Police have arrested two Virginia Tech student in connection to the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell.

According to Lovell’s parents, their daughter pushed a dresser against her bedroom door and climbed out a window last Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Since she did not take the liver medication she has to take daily, it is assumed that Lovell believed she would be returning home before her family woke up.

Unfortunately, she never did and she never will.

On Saturday, her body was found 60 miles away in North Carolina. Before the day was over, police would arrest David Eisenhauer, an 18-year-old Virginia Tech student, and charged him with Lovell’s abduction and murder.

There hasn’t been a lot of details surrounding how investigators honed in on Eisenhauer, but police did say that Lovell and Eisenhauer “were acquainted” and that Eisenhauer “used this relationship to his to abduct the 13-year-old and then kill her.”

But Eisenhauer wasn’t the only Virginia Tech student police would arrest. They also apprehended Natalie Keepers, a 19-year-old freshman from Maryland. Police have charged Keepers with being an accessory after she helped Eisenhauer dispose of Lovell’s body.

Although the relationship between Eisenhauer and Lovell is not clear at this point, it has been reported on multiple news sites that Lovell was a member of at least one dating site and, according to her parents, some sites deemed “off the wall”.

If true, I’d like to remind parents that while computers and the Internet are amazing tools that I don’t feel should be kept away from kids, but their use should be restricted and closely monitored. This story is one of many we have reported on that involved a kid running into trouble with someone they met online and leaving behind grieving family completely unaware of what their kid had been up to online.

Anyway, enough of my PSA. Here’s some video of Eisenhauer after being named Student Athlete of the Week, before he was abducting and murdering 13-year-old cancer survivors.

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