Jazmine JonesCHICAGO, IL — Police have charged 18-year-old Jazmine Jones with the death of her daughter after they say she fatally beat the girl because she wouldn’t eat her noodles. Let me warn you that the details of this incident are pretty rough.

On Saturday afternoon, Jones became frustrated with 2-year-old Elliana Claiborne because she wouldn’t eat her noodles. Jones yelled at the little girl before punching her in the stomach four to five times. Jones’ boyfriend would later tell police he believed the punches “would’ve knocked the wind out of him if he were the one being hit.”

Afterwards, Jones left the house to go buy some weed. When she returned, Elliana had thrown up, couldn’t use the bathroom, and had a swollen stomach. Her boyfriend’s mother told Jones she should take the girl to the hospital, but Jones decided to just give her daughter some laxatives and juice.

That night, Jones’ boyfriend put Elliana in the same bed as his minor sister. The girl was moaning about stomach pains and would vomit a greenish liquid. The boyfriend’s sister says she changed Elliana’s diaper later that night because she had a small bowel movement. The next morning, she said she left Ellianah in the room because she thought the girl was sleeping.

When the boyfriend’s sister returned to the room at around 8 a.m., she went to change Elliana’s diaper again after smelling a strong odor of feces. That’s when she found Elliana’s eyes were open but was cold and stiff. Jones’ boyfriend attempted CPR on the girl, who had a yellowish liquid coming out of her mouth, before rushing her to the hospital. According to prosecutors, she arrived at the hospital in full rigor and appeared to have been dead for some time.

An autopsy revealed Alliana died from blunt trauma and suffered a perforated intestine that allowed fecal matter and fluids to collect in her abdominal cavity. But that wasn’t the only injuries the girl had suffered. Elliana had bruises on her head, abdomen, face, back and arms. She also had two rib fractures and various healed scars.

Jones, who is six weeks pregnant, was arrested on an initial charge of child endangerment and has been ordered held on $1 million bond. It’s a wonder she had custody of her daughter at all. The Department of Children and Family Services has visited Jones on more than one occasion, and even took Elliana away from her last year after Jones tossed the girl off a balcony and into some snow.

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