KaliINDIA – I normally stay away from stories out of India because no news from that area shocks me, but I have made an exception after a 13-year-old girl got revenge on her alleged rapist by decapitating the man’s five-year-old son.

According to reports, the teenager said that she was raped by a man called Rinku in the tiny village of Khair after he offered her some print erasing whitener – a substance that the girl reportedly likes to huff on.

Deciding to get some revenge against Rinku for the assault, the girl set her eyes on the man’s 5-year-old son, Amit. While the boy was playing outside his house on Tuesday evening, the girl allegedly lured him away, took him to a vacant plot and beheaded him.

Afterwards, she smashed the boy’s body with bricks, wrapped it in a polythene bag and set it on fire. His murder was discovered the next day after a pack of dogs were seen dragging around Amit’s half-burnt corpse.

The girl was taken into custody after Amit’s parents told police she was the last one seen with their son. Police say the girl admitted to killing the boy during interrogation and that she explained why she did it. She was subsequently charged with murder and sent to a juvenile home, while Rinku was charged with rape.

Despite the shocking admission and motive, one police officer stated the parents of Amit want the rape charges dropped against Rinku.

“Family of the rape accused met me today alleging that the rape charges are fake. It will be investigated. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind,” said Circle Officer OP Singh. “The girl is a drug addict and has often got into scuffles with people over minor issue – she has got into fights for even Rs 10 (around 15 cents). There is no family discipline either. She has been spotted consuming drugs.”

Sorry for the image associated with this story, especially if it doesn’t fit. Admittedly, I am not fluent in Indian Goddesses. But Jesus Christ, after scrolling through image after image associated with India, rape, and revenge, I went with this one and washed my brain with some Bob’s Burgers.

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