Logan Hunter QuesenberryPULASKI, VA — Logan Quesenberry was sentenced to 12 years behind bars after pleading guilty to severely burning a 1-year-old boy she was babysitting.

Back in January, Quesenberry was babysitting Koda Chrisely while his mother went out job hunting. The mother knew Quesenberry since middle school and had let her babysit her children multiple times in the past with no issues.

That all changed on Jan. 17 when she tried to pick up her son and Quesenberry would not answer the door. Over the next 72 hours, the mother tried getting her son while Quesenberry made excuses as to why that wasn’t possible but assured her that Koda was fine.

Koda’s mother finally told Quesenberry that she was calling police if she did not get her son back, and that did the trick. But once the woman was reunited with her son, she discovered he was suffering from severe second- and third-degree burns on his left arm. He also had what appeared to be cigarette burns on his abdomen, behind his ears, nose and other areas.

After immediately taking her son to two different hospitals, it was determined that the boy needed to undergo surgery and specialized treatment at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, where he stayed for almost a week.

When police questioned Quesenberry, she said that the burns were an accident. She first said that she spilled coffee on the boy’s arm. Later she would change her story and say she had applied a heat pack to his arm that was too hot.

As for the cigarette burns? Well that wasn’t her fault. Quesenberry said the clumsy little fucker had crawled on her while she was smoking and he “bumped into” her cigarette. Multiple times. With his body. And his face…

Of course no one was buying it and Quesenberry was arrested and faced numerous charges, including two felony counts of malicious wounding. In June, she would take an Alford plea for those two charges, allowing her to maintain her innocence but acknowledging there was enough evidence to find her guilty.

“It wasn’t my intention of doing it. It was an accident,” Quesenberry said in court on Tuesday. “But I want to take responsibility for it.”

Judge Bradley Finch accepted her plea, but she thought wrong if she figured the judge would show any kind of leniency towards her because he didn’t. At all. In fact, he handed her a sentence that more than doubled the sentencing guidelines.

“In considering everything, this court finds that the high end of the guidelines — six years — are inadequate under the circumstances,” Judge Bradley Finch said. “It doesn’t not address the fact that there are multiple injuries, severe injuries and burns to the body.”

So instead of sentencing her to a maximum of six years behind bars, he sentenced her to 20 years on each charge, running the sentences concurrently with eight years suspended after Quesenberry serves 12.

“Your claim of accident is simply not credible, and it’s not supported by any evidence at all,” Finch told a sobbing Quesenberry. “It was deliberate behavior, it was intentional behavior and it was malicious behavior.”

When Quesenberry is finally released from jail, she will be placed on probation and will not be allowed around children unsupervised.

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