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Patrick WaitsHOBBS, NM – Patrick Waits was arrested Tuesday and charged with burglary and unlawful entry after walking into a stranger’s home, doing some chores, and making himself some food.

Apparently it all started when a female resident of the home was wakened early on Tuesday by noise in her kitchen. When she went to discover the source of the noise, she found the 45-year-old Waits wiping down a counter and cooking a potato in her microwave.

According to a police report, “She asked him what he was doing there, and he told her he was making a potato.”

Alas, the potato snack was not to be, as the resident instructed Waits to leave. And he did. Once out of the house, he began raking leaves in the front yard.

It seems that “[t]he female resident convinced Waits to stay by saying she wanted to pay him for his service” to ensure he was still at the residence when police arrived, who noted that he was stumbling and slurring his words.

In addition to the burglary and unlawful entry charges, Waits faces several felony warrants for failure to appear in court. (My guess is that his FTAs are due to him being in some stranger’s house, working on chores and cooking up a box of macaroni and cheese or some such.)

I can’t stop laughing: She asked him what he was doing there, and he told her he was making a potato. Comedy GOLD.

If any of you feel the need to unlawfully enter a stranger’s home and do housework/yard work, please put me at the top of the list, and you’re welcome to any of the food that’s in the house.

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