Pit Bull ChallengeSOMEWHERE, USA – A video of a pit bull attack is making the rounds today and I thought I would post it here as well because some of the posts are not giving all of the details behind the attack.

The attack happened last year while a woman was participating in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with her grandchildren. After announcing her own nominations, her grandchildren dump water on her head.

As she does a little screaming and shaking of her head, a dog comes over and latches on to the side of her face.

According to the victim’s daughter, her mother wasn’t ready to share the video until now and wanted to wait until her wounds had healed. The video was posted by YouTube user emaustin102387, who wrote:

She lived to tell the tale of it and didn’t want this released until she was ready. This should serve as a warning to all pet owners. Unless you are going to take the time to make an animal a pet then it will remain an animal.

This was my sister’s dog who she only kept to stud out for breeding purposes. She took no time to train him or make him listen. He was a wild dog and she should be ashamed for keeping him out of selfishness and not love.

According to the Youtube poster, the dog “Kilo” was at her parents’ home because her sister got kicked out where she was living and had nowhere to keep it (or her kids seen in the video). After this incident, the dog was held for 10 days to check against rabies. After 30 days, the poster says her sister never claimed the dog so her parents became the owners. They then signed the papers to have the dog euthanized.

You have to give that lady credit, though. She remained a hell of a lot cooler than I would have had a damn dog just dragged me to the ground by my face immediately after having ice water dumped on my head.

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