Rafael HermidaBarra da Tijuca, Brazil – A woman in Rio de Janeiro has broken up with her fiancé after cameras she installed caught him viciously abusing her two French bulldogs.

Ninna Mandin suspected something strange was happening when her bulldogs started acting withdrawn soon after her now ex-fiancé, Rafael Hermida moved in with her. To get to the bottom of what was happening she installed a camera in her home.

What she found after reviewing the tapes left her feeling betrayed and sick. Two videos that have been making rounds on Facebook show Hermida picking up one of her dogs by its neck before slamming it to the ground with all his strength.

The video cuts to another incident of Hermida holding a small bulldog by its chest in front of him. He is seen head-butting the dog’s face before dropping the dog to its back and lifting it up by one of its back legs. He dangles the dog above the ground before lifting it higher, dropping it face first to the tile. The dog runs away giving Hermida an opportunity to grab a tissue to wipe the mess the dog’s face made when it hit the floor.

Mandin smartly ended the engagement and took to Facebook to share the disgusting videos. She made a post stating: “That person that we have welcomed in my house, with all the love and affection, was able to commit the atrocities you are going to watch. We do not have the words to describe such cowardice with beings so pure and helpless that never did wrong. The only feeling I have is the remorse to have not noticed before to spare them”

The videos of the abuse have since gone viral in Brazil bringing attention to the bar that Rafael Hermida partly owns, Buddy’s Bar. There is an event on Facebook to protest the bar with an upwards of 5,700 people planning to attend. Buddy’s Bar has since issued a statement regarding the video and Hermida.

“We would like to express complete disgust with what happened,” a statement posted online read. “We are tomorrow removing that person’s property.”

Mandin has since updated the condition of her pups saying they are “recovering” since they’ve been removed “from the scope of him or any evil.” Hermida has disappeared following calls from animal rights activists for his arrest and imprisonment.

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