Kimberly AndersonKANSAS CITY, MO – Kimberly Anderson, the 36-year-old woman accused of tossing her small dog off a third-floor balcony, may be out of jail soon.

Anderson was charged with felony and misdemeanor animal abuse and abandonment after police and animal control officers were called to Anderson’s apartment back in November. There they would find her severely injured dog, Roadrunner, on the side of the road.

One witness told police they watched Anderson wrap a leash around Roadrunner’s neck to pull him outside. She then left the dog there after she slammed him on to concrete before choking and kicking him. Another witness said he saw Anderson throw Roadrunner off of a third-floor balcony, then take the dog around the building but didn’t see either of them again.

Anderson denied abusing Roadrunner, claiming she loves animals. She says the dog ran out before she could stop him and then was hit by a car. She says she panicked and left the dog by the side of the road instead of getting him medical help. She also admitted she avoided police when they responded to the scene, and says the witnesses who say they saw her abusing Roadrunner are lying.

Roadrunner would survive his injuries, but only after veterinarians performed multiple surgeries to remove both of his eyes which were hanging from their sockets. Roadrunner also needed a plate in his leg after it was discovered he was suffering from a broken pelvis.

Anderson has been unable to scrape up the $1000 of a $10,000 bond, so she’s been sitting in jail since December. At a recent bail hearing, Judge W. Brent Powell said he would release Anderson on her own recognizance if she could qualify for the county’s house arrest program. This would require Anderson having a place to live with a telephone that works with the county’s monitoring equipment.

Anderson’s lawyer, Carl Bussey, said that while his client has lost her apartment after being jailed, her church has promised to chip in and get her a place to live with a telephone. He also stated he has witnesses that will testify Roadrunner was not abused by his client. “We have witnesses who will say she loved her dog and would never have done this,” he told the court.

Assistant Jackson County Prosecutor James F. Stigall opposed changing the original bond requirements. “The state believes this is appropriate given the nature of this offense,” Stigall said. “This dog was left with both eyes hanging out of his sockets.”

In considering releasing her on her own recognizance, Judge Powell stated his concern that Anderson strictly abide by one condition of her release. “You will have absolutely no contact with any animals whatsoever,” he told Anderson.

As for Roadrunner, a spokeswoman at the KC Pet Project says he will remain in a foster home a little while longer, but described his recovery as “amazing.”

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