ferretDARBY BOROUGH, PA – A one month-old-baby is missing a good portion of her face after having it chewed off by the family’s pet ferrets.

Skyy Isabelle Fraime was sitting in a car seat on the floor of the dining room when she was mauled by three ferrets that had gotten out of their cloth cage. Her father was upstairs sleeping during the attack, while her mother, Jessica Benales, was in an upstairs bathroom.

When Benales heard the baby screaming and went to check on her, she found her child in the car seat with the ferrets on top of her. It was immediately apparent the ferrets had mangled 25% of her face.

“I’ll be 45 years in June in Darby (with the police department), and this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” borough Police Chief Robert Smythe said. “The baby’s nose was gone, and a lot of the flesh from under the nose was gone and the cheek. It had little holes all over the head from where the ferrets were on her.”

There isn’t a clear indication of how long the baby was left alone, but it was undoubtedly enough time for several ferrets to eat her fucking face.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is attempting to reconstruct the child’s face but expects she will need further surgeries. She is currently able to breathe thanks to two stints in her nose. She in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

The family is said to live in extreme poverty and is being monitored by Delaware County Child & Youth Services as well as two other agencies. There are a total of 5 children in the home, all with developmental disabilities, and all under the age of 5.

Also living in the home with the family and multiple ferrets, were six cats, two dogs and two turtles. The home was devoid of food except for a jar of peanut butter, a can of cranberries, some juice and a lot of pet food.

The home is said to be infested with fleas and mites and is in a state of squalor – which is code for goddamned disgusting.

All the animals have been removed including the ferrets, which were euthanized. The remaining children are staying with grandparents while social service officials investigate.

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