Lakeland TerrierSUFFOLK, UK – Samantha Anderson-Graham took her story public after she says police refused to investigate when her 4-year-old daughter was mauled by a dog.

Anderson-Graham says was driving along a country road when her way was barred by a Lakeland Terrier. When she got out of her vehicle to shoo the animal away, she says it immediately jumped into the drivers seat.

The dog initially seemed friendly, but refused to move. Anderson-Graham went to knock on nearby doors to find the owners, but upon her return to the car, she heard blood-curdling screams from her daughter as the dog attacked her inside the car.

Tilly ended up suffering up to 25 bites to her face, hip, arms and legs. Her 12-year-old brother, Joe, was frozen in shock while witnessing the mauling.

“The dog was on top of her, mauling her, and she was just screaming,” said Anderson-Graham. “When I managed to get her out the car and into my arms he was jumping up and with every jump he bit her again and again. I had to punch it to unlock it’s jaw.”

A passing motorist managed to use a belt as an improvised collar and restrain the animal.

While Tilly was being treated at the hospital for her wounds, the incident was reported to the police, who Anderson-Graham claims refused to investigate. She says they told her that once the dog was in her car, it was her responsibility, and that her daughter may have teased the dog.

A furious Anderson-Graham embarked on an emailing campaign trying to resolve the matter, before launching an official complaint two weeks later. It worked.

Suffolk Police would later respond: “When this incident was first reported to police, the initial assessment of the officer who attended was that no criminal offences had taken place.

“A subsequent review of the circumstances found that the case warranted further police investigation, and as a result the owner of the dog was reported for a summons to court.

“We hope that the victims are happy with the outcome of the court hearing and regret any distress caused over the initial handling of this case, which is currently being reviewed.”

The owner of the dog, 50-year-old Trevor Edwards, pleaded guilty to two counts of owning a dog which caused injury while dangerously out of control. He was also ordered to pay £2000 compensation. The dog was destroyed.

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