puppy2n-1-webMIAMI, FL – Charlotte Wonjah has been arrested after the pregnant 26-year-old was accused of attacking her boyfriend, his 14-year-old daughter, as well as killing the family’s 1-month-old puppy by spiking it head-first into the middle of the street.

The incident happened at the home Wonjah shares with her boyfriend, his 14-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, their two 2-year-old daughter and her 8-year-old son. According to Wonjah’s boyfriend, he called police after Wonjah started physically assaulting him on Tuesday.

“My girlfriend just went ballistic and started hitting me, biting me and punching me and then my 14-year-old daughter tried to intervene, you know to pacify the situation. She punched my daughter and threw her against the wall. That’s when I called the police,” he said.

When police arrived, they noticed Wonjah’s 8-year-old son had bruises and welts in various stages of healing that indicated prior child abuse. She admitted to having anger issues and that on several occasions she beat the boy in the bathroom with a rope and hangers. She also admitted that she killed the 14-year-old’s English bulldog puppy because it had shit on the floor.

“She beat the puppy because he went poop in a corner of the house and she took the puppy and threw it on the floor and when the puppy got up to walk, he acted strange and so she hit again and slammed his head down in the middle of the street and killed him,” the boyfriend said.

The timeframe for the puppy being spiked like a football is unclear, but it seems like it happened prior to this recent incident and was only reported now. Regardless, the aspiring musician was arrested and is now facing aggravated child abuse and cruelty to animals charges.

When not beating children and abusing animals, the native of Africa states she’s all about healing “the hearts and minds of her people and the world through the message of her music,” after witnessing the violence of the Liberian civil war. But records show she has a history of anger issues. Wonjah was arrested twice in 2013 for battery, at least one of those charges stemming from another attack against her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend said Wonjah is four months pregnant with their son. He told reporters that he has only stayed with Wonjah for the sake of the children, who have all been temporarily placed in the care of Department of Children and Families.

“I stayed with her because I wanted to give it a chance for my kids. I do not want them to be raised by another man,” he said. “It’s all for my kids, my kids. Now I want to get my daughters back. I need my daughters back.”

Hopefully the unhinged cunt won’t ever get her kids back and have the ability to, once again, beat the ever-living shit out of them in the bathroom.

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