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ddnewyearHere, Now – Not only has another year of horrible stories come and gone, this year marked Dreamin Demon’s 10 year anniversary. It was another rough year marked with a lack of writers and me suffering from some burnout, but we pulled through and our ready for another year.

For anyone interested, this list was compiled by using Google data. So while we may have stories that were more popular with members and have more comments, these are the 10 stories that got the most traffic. I’ve tried to provide updates when possible.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who has helped out the site over this last year – from the writers who’ve come, gone, and stayed to all you sick readers who continue to put up with all the grammatical errors. I’ve brought on some help and we got some cool stuff planned for 2015.

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But enough with all that. Here are Dreamin’ Demon’s Top 10 Stories for 2014!

10. Two Teen Girls Accused Of Torturing Autistic Boy, Forced Him To Perform Sex Acts On Animal

Lauren BuschMaryland – Lauren Bush, 17, and her 15-year-old friend made the news after the recorded themselves physically assaulting an autistic classmate and forcing him to perform sex acts with animals.

They girls allegedly assaulted the boy with a knife, kicked him in the groin, dragged him by the hair, coerced him to engage in a sex act with an animal, and forced him to walk on a partially frozen pond where he fell through the ice.

The latter act being a possibly deadly one according to Sgt. Cara Grumbels. “You’re dealing with somebody who doesn’t have the mental capacity of you and I,” she said. “Somebody like that could go into a kiddie pool and may not be able to get themselves out. That’s what’s really kind of disturbing to us, among the other allegations in this case. The whole thing’s just very disturbing.”

The were each charged with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, child pornography and false imprisonment. Bush was initially charged as an adult, but would later have her case moved to juvenile court – possibly because they felt sorry for her obvious fetal alcohol syndrome.

The 15-year-old was sentenced to up to six years in a juvenile facility. Bush would plead guilty to distribution of an obscene video and second-degree assault and was sent to a juvenile facility where she’ll stay for up to four years.

09. Mom Found 3-Year-Old Son Dead After Leaving Him Home Alone For 20 Hours

Megan McKeonSteamboat Springs, CO – When we first reported on 24-year-old Megan McKeon, she had been arrested for leaving her 3-year-old son home alone for 20 hours and returned home to find him dead.

It would later be revealed that her son, Austin Davis, may have been home alone for four days inside the small cabin McKeon lived in at a local campground. In an affidavit, the boyfriend said he and McKeon spent four nights together and he did not recall her making any arrangements to care for Davis.

When McKeon returned home, she found Austin dead, lying face up with his eyes wide open. The coroner’s report later determined Davis’ death was a homicide, and the result of complications due to dehydration.

McKeon was initially tried to plead guilty to three misdemeanor counts of child abuse, but the district attorney didn’t feel the 42 months in jail she may receive was enough punishment for someone this goddamn dumb, so he dropped the charges and hit her  with two counts of felony child abuse resulting in death.

She remains in custody with bond set at $250,000.

This Austin kid didn’t have much of a chance, to be honest. His mother is dumber than an episode of The Walking Dead, and his father is currently serving time in prison for not registering as a sex offender after he allegedly tried soliciting sex from multiple underage teen girls.

He’d been better off had they cut his umbilical cord then set him in front of the hospital with some cab fare and directions to a local NAMBLA member.

08. Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Finds Her Naked With Three Very Young Boys

Anne DoublerSioux Falls, SD — Anne Doubler made headlines when the 30-year-old got caught naked with three boys between the ages of 7 and 10.

Police say when Doubler’s boyfriend returned home after picking up their 4-year-old son, he found her naked with the three boys who all ran out of the house when he walked in. The boyfriend told police Doubler admitted to having sexual contact with the young ‘ens, and the boys apparently told police the same.

“We don’t know if it necessarily started last night,” said Officer Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Dept. Thursday,  “Or if it’s been going on for some time.”

Police have reason to believe Doubler has had sexual contact with as many as six young boys at one time or another. She is now behind bars on a $50,000 cash only bond, charged with five counts each of first-degree rape, sexual contact with a child under 16 and sexual exploitation of a minor.

In July, Doubler pleaded not guilty to the charges. Her trial was supposed to start in September, but I was unable to find any details on the outcome.

07. Teacher Caught On Camera Assaulting Kindergartner In School Hallway

Barb WilliamsHANCOCK COUNTY, OH – A teacher only received a 10 day suspension after school surveillance cameras capture her assaulting a 6-year-old kindergartner, and the kid’s parents aren’t too happy about that.

The parents of Ian Nelson were outraged when they were provided surveillance footage that showed their son, Ian, as he is confronted by his teacher, Barb Williams, as he walks out of the school bathroom at Riverdale Local Schools.

Williams can be seen first grabbing Ian and pinning him against the wall before grabbing him by the face and then picking him up off the floor by his shirt. The video ends as she drags him by the arm into the bathroom.

Williams later told school principal Julie Spade that she became fed up with Nelson asking to use the bathroom but the wandering the halls instead.

“I was furious. I was very hard on him,” said Williams, according to the principal’s report.  “I touched him on the middle of the chest and pushed him back. I was very heated.”

“I feel like I was over the top/edge,” said Williams. “He’s pushing me over the top/edge and my kids over the top/edge. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do with it.”

She was initially suspended for ten days without pay, Riverdale Local Schools Superintendent Eric Hoffman writing, “Your responsibilities as a professional educator do not include yelling ‘I am sick of you’, ‘I am sick of your parents’ and ‘I will rip you apart’ to a kindergarten student.”

Two months later, Williams submitted her resignation citing “personal reasons.” The Riverdale school board unanimously voted to accept that resignation.

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