Kevin DavisCorpus Christi, TX — An 18-year-old accused of killing his mother and defiling her corpse earlier this year pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Monday, and has been sentenced to life in prison.

Kevin Davis reportedly admitted to police back in March that he first attempted to kill his mother, Kimberly Hill, by strangling her with a power cord from a video game console. She didn’t die, though, just kept screaming and stuff, so he struck her upside the head with a hammer 20-some times. That probably did the trick, but Kevin wanted to be sure sure, so he reached inside her broken head, he told police, and moved her brain around a bit to ensure she was dead.

Once the woman was dead dead, Kevin told police he raped her “dead corpse.”

When officers asked if that was his first time, Kevin responded that yes, it was. “Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse,” he confessed.

Kevin had initially planned on killing his younger sister, too, but decided he’d had enough killing for one day…. he was just going to run away from home. So he packed his bag, hopped on his bike and rode off into the sunset. He pedaled out of the city, but quickly gave up on his dream of starting a new life elsewhere. He stashed his bicycle and backpack and knocked on the door of a nearby home, asking the people inside to call police because he had just murdered someone.

At the scene, police found a bloodied Hill naked from the waist down and “posed.” Also found in the home were several handwritten notes from Kevin. One read, “Chase me. Sorry for the mess. KD.”

At some point during his confession, Kevin reportedly told police he often fantasized about dressing in a suit, decapitating a girl and putting her in a dress before having sex with her corpse. Her dead corpse, mind you….

During his trial, Kevin grossed out jurors by admitting that he had once choked a cat, drowned it, cut it up and performed some sort of sexual act with the remains.

“I don’t have standards. I don’t have morals. A body’s a body. A piece of meat.”

I know most dudes aren’t exactly particular, but damn.

Kevin told police he asked his mother for permission to die — he was bored with life and didn’t like people. She was distraught, he said, but told him she couldn’t control what he did. And for that, he made her dead.

“I’m not mentally disturbed,” Kevin told detectives. “I’m sane. I know what I did.”

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