Dorma RidonMANILA, PHILIPPINES – Vicente Ridon and his wife, Dorma, have been sentenced to life behind bars after being found guilty of crimes related to the production of animal cruelty videos.

Two years ago, someone stumbled across videos of young girls torturing animals. For those of you who are unaware of these types of videos, let me ruin your morning a bit.

The videos this person found are called crush videos, and are created for people who get aroused by watching women crush things with their feet.

The videos often include women simply stepping on food or insects, but can also include women stepping on live animals like kittens, puppies, mice, reptiles, etc.

The videos the Ridons manufactured included crush-type scenes, but they also ramped up the animal abuse to horrific levels while forcing a 12-year-old girl to participate.

Their videos featured:

  • a dog getting skinned alive
  • rabbits flailing and screaming as their ears were cut off and as they were set on fire
  • a dog getting burned with a flat iron
  • a monkey and several dogs getting hit in the eyes with the sharp end of a stiletto heel
  • puppies getting crushed until they vomited their own internal organs

If you want to get a taste of just how heinous these videos are, then watch the following news report. They don’t show the entire clips, but what you see will probably make you sick to your stomach. You’ve been warned.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia was alerted to the videos and they contacted local authorities. After a year-long investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation, police arrested Vincent and Dorma Ridon.

Their trial ended last week, and they were ultimately convicted of child abuse, animal welfare crimes, human trafficking, and wildlife-protection crimes. They were both sentenced to life imprisonment and each ordered to pay a fine of 9 million pesos (around $200,000 USD — if I used the online converter correctly).

PETA Asia Vice President Jason Baker said that he hopes the outcome of this trial served as a warning to others who may want to choose this line of work.

“The Ridons’ sentences are a warning to anyone involved in the vile crush video industry: There are grave consequences to harming animals,” Baker said.

The couple may not be the only ones in trouble, either. It’s not like they were making these videos for fun; they were making them for money. Sick assholes in Australia, France, Korea, Malaysia, the U.K. and the U.S purchased these videos and could possibly be facing charges themselves.

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