Won’t Somebody Please Think Of Morbid!

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Sally StruthersHERE, NOW – It’s that time again! Time for me to ask that you please help support the site with your hard-earned dough. Last time went pretty well, but this time I’m going a different route by echoing the successful CCF commercials featuring Sally Struthers I hated so much.

So here goes nothing:

ANNOUNCER: For about one dollar you can buy a can of soda, regular or diet. For Dreamin’ Demon, a dollar a month can help feed a site administrator, like Morbid, nourishing meals from area gas stations.

For one dollar you can also buy a cup of coffee. For one dollar a month you can help a “writer” like Morbid get the alcohol he needs to read and write all the depressing articles featured on Dreamin’ Demon on a daily basis.

For one dollar you can buy a pack of gum, plain or sugarless. For one dollar a month, you can help a forum moderator, like Morbid, receive treatment for the various STDs he picks up from online hookups.

Since 2004, Dreamin’ Demon has provided you with daily doses of horrible people doing horrible things, and has helped a lot of you get through your day at work, or ignore your brats at home. It’s also hosted an active online community that should, most likely, be committed for an extremely long period of time.

*queue piano*

SALLY STRUTHERS: Today we still need your help to continue this tradition. Through Patreon, you can reach out and help Morbid by sharing, well, a little of your pocket change.

It takes so little for you to become a special friend to Morbid, but boy the good it can do is worth more than you can imagine. Why don’t you check out our Patreon Page right now and learn more about how you can contribute.

As a Patron, you can exchange nude photos and dirty messages with Morbid. Every message you won’t get back would’ve shown you the growth you’ve made possible in his pants. More importantly, you will have helped keep Dreamin’ Demon running while fulfilling its goal of removing every ad on the site.

Sponsoring Dreamin’ Demon is as little as a dollar a month. That breaks down to 3 cents a day. So why don’t you visit Dreamin’ Demon’s Patreon Page now? There’s truly no obligation and the site contains all the information you need to make your decision.

ANNOUNCER: Please sponsor now. With a little of your spare change, you can change the life of Morbid forever.

Mwuahahaha! Perfect! Heart-strings pulled to the point of snapping! (*Begins refreshing Patreon page every 30 seconds*)

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