NoooopePRICE, UT – Despite loving animal attack stories, I wasn’t going to write this one up until I saw pictures of the damaged camper that proved the family was not exaggerating.

The Graham family were camping in Book Cliffs Saturday night when they had an unwelcome guest who was very persistent in getting inside their camper.

Sami Graham said she was putting her four kids to bed inside the camper, while her husband was out deer hunting, when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door but didn’t see anyone there.

Moments later, she heard a violent scratch on the side of the camper and decided to look out a window to see what was going on.

“I went over to my kitchen window and pulled up my blinds and looked out. I had to put my face pretty close to the window and there he was face-to-face with me.”

The “he” she is talking about was a 6-foot tall black bear standing on its hind legs peering into the kitchen window. I would have hit my head on the ceiling from the force of shit involuntarily escaping my bowels, but Sami immediately closed the blinds and began making as much noise as possible in an attempt to scare off the bear.

All that yelling and screaming did nothing more than inform the bear that getting inside that camper would prove to be more than worth the effort. So for two hours the bear tried getting in. He rocked the trailer, scratched at the door and tore chunks off the side of the camper.

The bear didn’t leave until Graham’s husband returned from hunting and ran the bear off after firing a pistol into the air.

“There’s a lot of bears out there,” said Dax Mangus, a northeastern wildlife program manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources who added that the bear population is managed through annual bear hunts.

“They usually don’t just go around knocking on campsites to say, ‘hello,’ ” said Stephanie Natt with Wild Aware Utah. “There could have been something attracting him there, something in the fire, pit, something still on the picnic table, maybe cooking and the smell carried-something brought that bear there.”

I hope Sami’s kids know how lucky they are that they were with her at the time of this incident. Had they been with me when that bear tried getting in, I would’ve chucked all four of their asses out the front door after only five minutes. Then, while the bear was busy eating my distractions, I would’ve made my escape out the back.

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