Roxanne GroveMACHIAS, WA – Four years ago we reported on an otter in Florida that went on a bloody rampage. Now we have an otter in Washington that attacked a little boy and his grandmother, sending them both to the hospital.

Bryce Moser and his grandmother, Roxane Grove, were swimming in the Pilchuck River Thursday morning when Grove heard her grandson screaming bloody murder.

“All of a sudden I just heard him scream for his life,” Tabitha Moser said. Her son was the boy who was attacked. “He was just bobbing up and down in the water and as he came up there was something all the way on top of his head.”

As she got close to the boy, she could see that the object on her grandson’s head was one very pissed off otter. “I could see that it was biting into his head and it had its claws around him,” said Grove.

Her maternal instincts kicked in, and Grove began wrestling the four-foot long otter of the little boy’s head. She was successful and was able to get her injured grandson to shore, but not before getting both of their asses kicked.

They were both taken to the hospital were Moser received nine staples to his head, while Grove ended up with hundreds of stitches to her face and head and may end up losing an eye.

Fish and wildlife have been to the scene in an effort to trap the otter, but they’ve been unsuccessful. If captured, the otter will more than likely be euthanized and checked for rabies.

“We’re doing everything possible to capture than animal as soon as possible,” said Capt. Alan Myers of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “This is an extremely rare incident. Otters are not known to be aggressive toward people.”

The otter’s response may not have been because it was rabid, especially since there currently are no known cases of rabies in Washington. According to Myers, the otter could be an aggressive male protecting territory, or a female protecting pups.

To help in the capture of this rampaging animal, I’ve used my expert Photoshop skills to create a composite based on what we know about the otter so far. Please click here to view this rendition to help in spotting the otter, and please, be careful.

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