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Jenna MontgomeryPORTLAND, OR– Two of the four teens we reported on earlier this year have been sentenced to prison after beating a 16-year-old boy and carving a swastika into his face.

Back in February, 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery lured Dustyn Murrain into a shed during a snowstorm. Waiting inside the shed where Blue Kalmbach, 15; Jess Taylor, 17; and Shane Connell, 14.

According to the initial reports, the three teens struck Murrain in the head with a crowbar, shot him in the chest, groin and index finger with a bb gun, forced him to swallow a cat turd, and then carved a swastika into his forehead. All four teens were quickly arrested after Murrain ran from the shed and called for help from a nearby service station.

Montgomery, Kalmbach, Taylor, and 14-year-old Shane Connell were arrested and charged with second-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, criminal conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery.

The teens told police the motive was retaliation for Murrain’s bullying, but this was later called into question after several comments on news articles stated Murrain hadn’t lived in the area long and considered the teens his friends. The “bullying” was allegedly a derogatory comment Murrain made about one of the teens on Facebook.

Montgomery and Taylor both pleaded guilty to kidnapping, robbery and assault charges and sentenced on Thursday. Montgomery will serve nearly 10 years in prison, while Taylor was sentenced to more than seven years. According to the victim’s mother, the teens cried in court as they heard their sentences.

“There was a lot of tears on their side,” Kelli Murrain said. “I don’t know if it was because they don’t like the amount of time they’re getting or if they really feel remorse for what they’ve done. I’d like to think they do but I don’t know.” She added that her son was recovering from the attack with help from friends and family.

As for Kalmbach, he will appear in court in August. Connell got lucky, because of his age, and was charged in juvenile court.

Jenna Montgomery, Jess Taylor, Blue "WTF" Kalmbach

Jenna Montgomery, Jess Taylor, Blue “WTF” Kalmbach

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