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Latia HarrisSALEM, NJ – Loose lips may sink ships, but one woman in New Jersy learned that they may also get your face pummeled mercilessly while people stand around and watch.

There’s a video going around that shows a woman in a McDonald’s uniform delivering multiple blows to the face of a woman lying on the ground. The video also shows the victim’s small child kicking the attacker’s leg while a group of people stand around recording the beating.

It is now known that the woman who got her face rearranged is 27-year-old Catherine Ferreira. The person doing the rearranging is a former co-worker, 25-year-old Latia Harris, who is now wanted by police.

In the video, Harris punches, kicks and spits on Ferreira while yelling she could have lost her job. According to Ferreira, this was in reference to her making comments to co-workers regarding Harris’ alleged relationship with a supervisor at McDonalds.

Police got involved after reports came in about a woman covered in blood. When they arrived on the scene they found Ferreira bleeding from her face and acting dazed and confused. She was taken to the hospital were she was treated for a broken nose and mild concussion.

Police were able to obtain a video of the beating and have since signed criminal complaints against Harris for aggravated assault and two counts of terroristic threats. She could face additional charges – once they find her. Her last known address is vacant and she hasn’t showed up to work.

Aside from the beating itself, the video is sparking conversations for two other reasons. One of them is Ferreira’s 2-year-old son. While his mother is getting beat, he bravely yells at Harris to stop while kicking her in the leg multiple times – even after Harris threatened to kick the boy in the face.

“After that I became so much closer to my son because he didn’t care what was going on. He wasn’t afraid, he just wanted to defend his mom. That’s my world right there, I love that boy so much,” said Ferreira about her son.

The other factor that has people talking is the fact that during the assault, no one in the crowd of people watching tried to help. Instead, they pulled out their phones and started recording. Granted, these videos will be used to convict Harris, but the point is that the inaction of the onlookers is disturbing to some.

“There is a moral and social breakdown in the fabric of our society which is clearly evident when a woman gets pummeled in broad daylight in front of her child while a dozen people pull out their phones to record the incident instead of calling for help,” said Salem Police Chief John Pelura. “There is so little regard for human life – by the actor and the bystanders.”

Despite all of these talking points, or if Ferreira deserved getting her ass kicked, I think it’s important to point out that sometimes you have to be careful when participating in gossip. Despite what people say, there’s an art to spreading rumors about a crazy person without them coming back and making your eyes look like a pair of freshly fucked assholes.

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