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Byron SmithLittle Falls, MN – Back in 2012 we reported on 64-year-old Byron Smith, the man who shot two teenagers to death on Thanksgiving Day as they broke into his home.

He was convicted of their murder the other day and now the courts have released the tapes jurors heard that helped them send Smith to prison for the rest of his life.

For those of you who may have missed this story, Nicholas Schaeffel and Haile Kifer were both shot to death when they broke into the home of Byron Smith.

While Minnesota does allow for someone to use deadly force to prevent a felony from taking place in one’s home or dwelling, Byron was charged with a crime because of the things he did before shooting the teens.

Aside from moving his truck to make it look as if he wasn’t home, he setup a hiding spot in his basement and waited for the teens to show up. He even had a tarp ready that he used to wrap up their bullet-ridden bodies. After killing the pair, he waited a day before notifying anyone what had happened.

On top of that, the killings were recorded by Byron. If you listen to the entire audio, you’ll hear a lot of Byron’s ramblings that include why he decided to kill the teens. Basically, he didn’t feel police would do their jobs and the teens would be back out and burglarizing homes.

He felt the teens were vermin and he was doing his civic duty by removing them from the planet. There’s also the fact that he sarcastically apologizes to Haile after shooting her the first time. Then, as she screams “Oh my God!” he callously states “You’re dying!” before calling her a bitch. These facts, along with some others, is why I understand how the jury came to their conclusion.

But now you can judge for yourself as the recording heard by the jurors who convicted him have been released to the public. Be warned, the audio contains the murders of both teens. Nick’s death is at around the 3:00 mark and Haile’s death, the more disturbing of the two, starts at around 13:30 when she whispers Nick’s name before heading down into the basement.

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

I still stand by what I said in my original article; If you don’t want to get your ass shot to death by a homeowner, then don’t break into their home. But I have to admit, I have to agree with the jury. This was not self-defense. Whether you agree with what Byron did or not, or if you believe the teens got what they deserved, this was premeditated murder.

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