Mary and Earl MyattVerona, NY – Earl and Mary Myatt killed themselves in a joint suicide by stepping in front of a freight train moments after calling their son to apologize.

The couple, who were both 59-years-old, were dealing with Mary’s failing health after she suffered a brain aneurysm earlier this year. She’d already spent a month in intensive care and has underwent several surgeries. The most recent procedure was performed two weeks ago.

Earl had altered his work schedule so he could spend more time with his wife, who was in constant pain and left with the motor functions and abilities of a toddler.

Their son said Mary just wasn’t the same person she’d been before the aneurysm, often losing her train of thought and not understanding what was happening around her. His father had become depressed and missed his wife. “She was his world,” Brad Myatt said.

Brad said his father called him and put Mary Myatt on the phone. Brad said he couldn’t understand what his mother said, but Earl got on the phone and apologized for what was about to happen.

“He just said he loved me and he was sorry,” Brad Myatt said. Moments later, the couple stood in the path of a CSX freight train. Police would later find a suicide note in Earl’s car and surveillance footage would show the couple were purposefully waiting for the train.

Personally, I have no issues with what they did – as long as Mary was down with it. The only issue I have is that they involved innocent people like the driver of the train, who Brad later called and apologized to.

That’s life, right? One minute you are enjoying your time with your wife, kids and grandchildren. Then, within a few months, you are holding hands with your wife as you both step in front of a train.

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