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Cameron BeckHouston, TX — A pair of half siblings initially detained by police for shoplifting and possession of meth are now facing additional charges after police spotted the two making out behind bars.

Officers were dispatched to the Porter Walmart on the afternoon of February 28, to deal with an alleged shoplifter. There they found 24-year-old Charlene Ellet. She informed officers that her half-brother, 26-year-old Cameron Beck, had driven her and her toddler twins to the store. A short time later, Beck appeared at the Loss Prevention office looking for Charlene.

For whatever reason, police requested a search of Beck’s car. He consented because he’s obviously an idiot. Anyway, the search revealed  a “light bulb with burn marks and  a cut pen with a crystalline substance on it.” Surprise! That substance reportedly tested positive for meth. Ellet admitted she and Beck had smoked the meth about two weeks prior. Ellet was issued a citation for shoplifting under $50, and both were taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance.

It was then, police say, that Beck asked the arresting officer if they could just charge Ellet because she had a clean record.

Back at the cop shop, Ellet and Beck were placed in adjoining cells while their paperwork was being processed. One of the officers just happened to look up and see Ellet and Beck passionately kissing through the bars. They questioned the information given to them earlier about the two being siblings, to which the pair admitted they were.

Ellet was removed from her cage and questioned about the relationship with her brother. She stated that she and Beck have the same mother, but she was adopted or some shit. She informed the officers that she connected with her brother while he was in prison, writing letters back and forth, and the two started fucking upon his release back in November.

Then she went on to explain that she and Beck were staying at a motel with her 2-year-old twins. When it was nookie time, they apparently set up some sort of partition to shield themselves from the kiddos. That, or they fucked in the bathroom.

Soooo, in addition to the possession charge, the two are also looking at charges of prohibited sexual contact.

But wait! There’s more!!! While researching this story, I came across an update. Ellet, who bonded out on the previous charges on March 1, was arrested again on Monday — this time for choking her husband.

Deputies were called to the hotel where the two were staying and found the husband with redness and scratches on his neck. He also had a difficult time speaking because of the swelling to his throat.

There was apparently an argument over a cellphone and Ellet put the man in a choke hold. She tried to convince the responding officers that her husband assaulted her, but his injuries were consistent with his story so she was arrested and transported back to jail.

Her bond has been set at $50,000. As of Wednesday, Beck was still behind bars on an $8,000 bond.

Ellet’s twins have been placed in her sister’s custody.

The only thing this story is missing is a fucking pit bull…..


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