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Man Accused Of Trying To Eat Neighbor’s Face Off

January 23, 2014 at 5:49 am by  

Bath Salt ZombieStPetersburg, FL — No, this is not a repeat….

Authorities claim 18-year-old Brandon Davis, apparently high on some sort of synthetic drug, attacked his neighbor early Sunday morning, biting the man on his face, hands and neck while yelling something about eating the man’s eyeballs.

The victim, 54-year-old Nick Sorace, told police he heard a commotion at about 2:00 a.m. Sunday, and when he looked out the window to see what all the fuss was about, he witnessed Davis beating a dog.

“He thought the dog was the devil,” Sorace said. “And then the next thing he sees is me, illuminated — and all of a sudden, I’m the devil.”

Davis apparently kicked in Sorace’s front door, chased a woman through the house and out the back door, then returned. He started beating and biting Sorace, continuing with his “You’re the Devil” spiel.

“He broke a flower pot over my head, he was sticking me in the neck with pieces…he stuck his thumb all the way in my eye socket and he just ripped my mouth and he bit my face. He was chewing, he chewed my hands…” Sorace said.

Sorace attempted to keep himself from being eaten alive by whacking Davis a couple times with a bat. It had no affect.

Davis was in the process of nommin’ on Sorace when police arrived. It took four officers to pull Davis off of Sorace and get him under control. Officers were forced to utilize their stun guns. Twice. At some point during the ruckus, one of the officers was bitten on the hand.

Davis was under heavy sedation late Tuesday afternoon, but when he comes around, he’s looking at charges of attempted second degree murder, burglary-assault, and resisting arrest with violence. Davis, described by one neighbor as a “polite, sweet, well-accomplished kid,”  has had no previous run-ins with the law.

Sorace required treatment for his varied injuries. No word on the dog Davis was seen beating.

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