Whose Got Your WeinerYonkers, NY – A pit bull has been euthanized after it attacked a 5-year-old boy earlier this month inside an apartment in Yonkers, and bit off his penis.

On the morning of Nov 10, the boy was visiting his grandmother, Melissa Pettiford, and asked if he could play a video game. After she refused, the boy wandered into the bedroom of his 13-year-old aunt, who was sleeping in the bed with a 6-year-old pit bull named “Momma”.

When the boy tried crawling in the bed with his aunt, the dog began attacking him. By time the dog was pulled off the boy, the boy had suffered severe bite wounds, lacerations and was missing a penis.

The boy was rushed to the hospital along with his detached penis, which had been placed on ice. He’s been there for the last two weeks and his mother, who is not being named, told reporters that her son was doing fine. No word on whether they were able to re-attach the boy’s penis.

The boy’s grandmother said that the dog has never been aggressive before and that family members have always felt comfortable around the dog. She added that for three days prior to the attack, the dog had been around her grandson without any issues.

However, police described Momma as “unlicensed, dangerous and vicious” in their report. Their report also states that the father of Pettiford’s 13-year-old, 45-year-old Vernon Jackson, told police that he usually kept the dog secured in a back bedroom and that Pettiford told them she’d warned her grandson multiple times not to go near the dog because it was dangerous.

Pettiford is now saying she never told police the dog was dangerous, claiming that had she known the dog was aggressive she’d never would have let her grandson around the dog. “It was a family accident,” Pettiford said. “It’s very tragic.”

Pettiford and Jackson have both been charged with having an unlicensed, dangerous dog. The charge is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. Pettiford, Jackson and the boy’s mother have also been charged with allowing a dog to commit a nuisance. All three are scheduled to face a judge on Dec. 9.

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