Kathryn AtkinsKERNERSVILLE, NC – A 25-year-old woman was mauled to death by her boyfriend’s two pit bulls while trying to feed them.

According to the sheriff’s office, Katherine Atkins was feeding the dogs in an outdoor enclosure because her boyfriend, Albert Jacobs, was running late for work. Jacobs’ roommate called police after he found Atkins lying dead in the backyard near the dogs’ enclosure while the dogs ran loose.

No one knows why the dogs attacked the woman, especially since Atkins regularly fed the dogs and the couple had raised them since they were puppies. Investigators said there is “no history of problems or aggression” with the dogs.

Animal control took both dogs into custody and euthanized them. A necropsy will be performed to determine if a medical condition may have caused them to turn on Atkins. However, Forsyth County Animal Control Director Tim Jennings say they may never know why the male and female pit bulls attacked Atkins.

“People always need to remember their DNA is programmed to be aggressive,” said Jennings. “What kicks in their instincts, what clues they think they’re reading, we can never know.”

At this point, the sheriff’s office does not plan on filing any criminal charges, calling the incident a “terrible tragedy.”

I love reading the comments attached to the news articles reporting on this story. Same old, same old. It’s the breed! It’s the owner! It’s because they were in a cage! It was redirected food aggression! Dogs had no training! Dogs didn’t get enough exercise! The dogs weren’t spayed or neutered!

Here’s a tip: If the dog you want needs to be treated like a goddamn Mogwai so that it doesn’t kill you, maybe you should get a different type of dog.

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