Terry DouglassBALTIMORE, MD – A woman who fought to have her pit bull returned after an attack last year, was mauled to death by that same pit bull after she fell out of her wheelchair.

According to reports, 56-year-old Terry Douglass suffered from cerebral palsy and has used a wheelchair for the last two years. On Friday, she fell out of her wheelchair while reaching for a glass of water. While on the ground, her 4-year-old pit bull “Boosie” attacked her and, according to Douglass’ daughter, “ripped her apart.”

Family members say Douglass was never known as a dog lover, but quickly grew attached to Boosie, a dog Douglass initially bought for protection. “My mom had gotten to a point in her life when she felt like her kids didn’t need her any more, and she latched onto this dog,” said Douglass’ daughter, Tamathia Davis.

Davis said that two years ago, Boosie bit Douglass’ face so bad that “whenever my mom would open her mouth, her cheek would open with it.” But Douglas defended the dog and refused to get rid of it. “She loved that dog unconditionally,” said Davis.

More recently, it was Douglass’ nephew who was attacked by Boosie after he reached for some food that had dropped on the floor. Douglass tried to intervene, but was also bitten. It was this attack that landed Boosie in the custody of animal control.

Douglass’ family tried talking her into leaving the dog there, fearing for her safety. They tried to get the landlord to ban the dog and even begged animal control not to release the dog back to Douglass. But according to animal control,  Douglass “was adamant in getting the dog back.” She had the dog vaccinated for rabies and at the end of a mandatory quarantine period, animal control returned Boosie back to Douglass, stating the dog was not a threat to the public.

Douglass’ husband was home when the attack occurred, but could do nothing to stop it. He tried to revive Douglass with CPR, but was unsuccessful. Davis still does not understand why Boosie turned on the woman who had raised it with so much care. “I know that my mother has been nothing but good to this dog,” she said. “My mom loved this dog so much, this dog would sleep in the bed with her.”

Boosie is now back where it came from, tormenting scientists and liberals in Hell for all eternity. The dog died shortly after police shot it with a tranquilizer dart.

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