Dan Kirby KoppEphrata, PA – A religious nutbag was arrested and jailed on Wednesday after he beat his wife with a wooden paddle when she refused to address him as “Sir” in front of their kids.

According to police, 55-year-old Dan Kopp routinely discipline his wife whenever she didn’t show him proper respect. Some of these corrective measures included taking his wife over his knee and spanking her with a wooden paddle or his hand.

In October 2012, the wife realized her life sucked and went to police to report the abuse. She told police her 6-foot-5, 230 pound husband beat her in front of the kids as a “means of disciplining her for disobedience to him for undermining his parenting.”

She even brought along proof of the abuse in the form of a video she recorded a month prior that showed him beating her in front of their young children for not saying “Yes Sir.” Before teaching her this lesson, he gives her a “count of three to comply.” He can also be heard threatening to “cast the demons out of her” the next time she disobeyed him.

Kopp was arrested and on Tuesday, stood before a jury who took only an hour to convict him of misdemeanor stalking and harassment. Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker then sentenced Kopp to one to 23 months in Lancaster County Prison, followed by a year on parole. He also has to pay a $500 fine, have no contact with his now-estranged wife, and remain 50 yards away from her if they happen to be at the same location.

On his Facebook page, one laden with nauseating religious propaganda, Kopp made the following post on Tuesday: “Yep today’s the first day of my new life. What do you think God going to do!” I’m not sure what God is gonna do, but I’m plastering your face all over DD.

I’m guessing Kopp will eventually be on Christian Singles searching for a woman who also follows the teachings of the Bible, unlike his wife. I mean, this is the same book that says men are to rule over women, that husbands are in charge of their wife, that women should keep their traps shut in church, that wives should remain subservient to their husband, and women should never teach a man, or question a man’s authority.

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