Anthony Donnell RuffHouston, TX– A two year-old toddler had half his face eaten by a pit bull mix as he played outside an apartment complex in southwest Houston, and now the dog’s owner is facing possible jail time.

On August 27th, 22- year-old Anthony Ruff asked his 8-year-old stepson to take the dog out to use the bathroom in the apartment’s common area without a leash. After the dog did its business, it decided to partake in a pit bull’s favorite snack – a small child.

The dog didn’t have to look far as there were children out playing and it wasn’t long before it was enjoying a 2-year-old boy’s face. Ruff’s stepson was unable to do anything but watch as the dog laughed maniacally and took another bite from the tasty morsel.

The victim’s mother was alerted by her 4-year-old son who’d ran inside screaming that his little brother was dead. Mom immediately ran outside to find that wasn’t entirely true, but the boy was bleeding motionless on the ground with the dog standing nearby with blood on its mouth.

The boy lived, although he sustained lacerations covering one side of his face and scalp, across his forehead, and down his cheek. He also had deep puncture wounds in his back and required many stitches. The boy is now at home recovering with his family.

Ruff’s stepson described the dog as “bad” and said it frequently barked and scared other people. He also admitted that he once had to kick the dog in the face to stop it from biting the same toddler. The stepson confirmed that the dog was allowed to run loose without the leash and that they only used a leash to pull the dog when it wouldn’t come back inside.

Ruff denied his stepson’s claims, and said the dog is not aggressive, but after week long investigation, officers arrested Ruff on felony charges of dog attack/ failure to secure dog. He was taken to jail and later released on a $5,000 bond. A court date is set for early October.

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