Thomas MerendaLauderhill, FL – Two police officers turned themselves in last week amid allegations that they pressured two female DUI suspects into giving them sexual favors in return for not arresting them.  One officer allegedly ordered one of the women to punch him in the nuts because it turned him on.

Police officer Thomas Merenda, 34, and his partner, Franklin Hartley, 33, pulled over two intoxicated women around 4 am at a Taco Bell.  The women allege that Hartley told them he could arrest them, but then told them to drive behind a strip mall where Merenda was waiting.

Hartley followed them and once there, began to “kiss and touch” the passenger’s breasts “while reminding her she could be arrested.”  Then he reportedly ordered her to have sex with him, which she did.

At the same time, Merenda gave the other female a very thorough “pat down” and then asked her to punch him in the “nuts” and “reassured her that this was ok and this turned him on.”  His ever-helpful partner encouraged the woman to do so by saying that he “really enjoys this” and the woman kicked Merenda in the balls.

Their patrol vehicle GPS and cell phone records seem to corroborate the women’s claims.  Both officers turned themselves in on charges of unlawful compensation and battery and similar charges.  Both have bonded out of jail and are on paid administrative leave.

Merenda’s attorney, Eric Schwartzreich, stated, “Unlawful compensation is defined as a benefit or advantage.  As a member of the male population, I can say that never in a million years is it a reward to get hit in the family jewels.”  What a classy thing to say. [And from some videos I have seen on the Internet, totally inaccurate – Morbid]

Ya know, I used to work at a police department.  (Of course, those were the joyful, innocent days before Morbid lured me into his windowless van with promises of stardom and fame.  And cookies.)  What makes me particularly angry about these dirt bags is the bad name it gives to the overwhelming majority of police officers who truly just want to do good.

Thanks to assholes like these, it’s often the public’s perception that all police officers are bad and abuse their power.   While I support cops and appreciate the scum they have to deal with everyday, I love nothing more than for corrupt cops to get the book thrown at them.

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