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Lila WarwickWILLMAR, MN – Police have charged three teenagers with the murder of a 79-year-old woman killed during a robbery orchestrated by her own grandson.

Lila Warwick was discovered in the basement of her home after failing to pick up her 14-year-old granddaughter for vacation Bible school. Autopsy reports showed that Warwick died from multiple stab wounds and strangulation.

Police would eventually arrest three teens – Warwick’s grandson, 17-year-old Robert I. Warwick, 19-year-old Brok Junkermeier, and 16-year-old Devon J. Jenkins. According to prosecutors, Robert Warwick was under the impression that his grandmother had $40,000 in a safe, so he enlisted the help of both Junkermeier and Jenkins in helping him steal it.

According to prosecutors, Jenkins accompanied Junkermeier to the victim’s home early Monday morning. Jenkins waited in the car while Junkermeier made entry into the woman’s home using a garage code he obtained from Robert Warwick. Junkermeier waited in the garage for two hours, ambushing the poor woman as she walked into her garage. He then proceeded to “cut her with a sword-like knife, forcing her to write out a $1,500 check.”

Police say he then attempted to strangle her, but when she wouldn’t die he stabbed her repeatedly before eventually throwing her down the basement stairs. Junkermeier would later tell police that Warwick pleaded for her life right before he attempted to strangle her.

After the murder, Junkermeier and Jenkins got food at McDonald’s before heading home. Later that same day, Warwick and Junkermeier returned to the home and took the victim’s safe.

Brok Junkermeier

Brok Junkermeier, Robert Warwick, Devon Jenkins

It didn’t take long for cops to zero in on the three teens because Junkermeier was bragging about what he did to friends, and Warwick’s family members were saying that Robert Warwick was a drug addict who hated his grandmother.

When police interviewed Junkermeier, he admitted to what he had done, and directed police to the bloody knife he used. Inside his home police would find bloody gym shoes, a safe and 30 $1,000 savings bonds in Warwick’s name.

Warwick is accused in a juvenile petition of two counts of second-degree murder, intentional and unintentional. Jenkins is also accused in a juvenile petition of the same counts, and of having “aided, advised, hired, counseled or conspired” with the others. Junkermeier is charged with intentional second-degree murder.

I now have figure out a way to get the name Junkermeier out of my life….forever.

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