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Jeremy CramerAnaconda, MT – Jeremy Brent Cramer, 38, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to stabbing and beating his 3 year old son to death and leaving his body in a field in southwestern Montana.

On July 8th, Cramer’s wife, Nataliya, called police in their hometown of Lacey, WA to report that her husband had left with their son and now she could not get a hold of him.  She was alarmed to discover that he had used his gas card to fill up in Moses Lake, about 3 1/2 hours away from their home, but she did not think her son was in danger, so no Amber Alert was issued.  There was a missing person report and a “be on the lookout” for Cramer and his son.

Later that same day in Montana, Cramer was discovered in a bathroom by a convenience store clerk, washing blood from his clothes and minus a son.   Apparently, he had hitched a short ride there and the man who gave Cramer a ride asked him about the blood on his clothes, to which Cramer responded, “I had a traumatic experience and no one is dead.”  Liar. When they arrived at the store, Cramer held the man’s hand, saying “You are clean,” prayed, and went to the bathroom.

The man told the clerk, who in turn called the police.  Cramer’s story to police was that he had broken up a fight at a rest area.  He was taken into custody at that point after refusing to put his clothes on.  Police found bloody keys, a knife and an empty bottle of generic Adderall.

Broderick Daniel Cramer

Broderick Daniel Cramer

While in custody, Cramer requested and was allowed to speak with a representative of his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   The church president for that region spoke with him for an hour, but Cramer wouldn’t reveal the boy’s location.

The next morning around 6:15 am, Cramer’s vehicle was found on Mill Creek Highway and, not too far from it, was 3-year-old Broderick Daniel Cramer’s body next to a knife and two rocks covered with blood and hair.  The cause of death was blunt and sharp force injuries.

Just prior to the discovery of his son’s body, Cramer made a rambling jailhouse call to his father.  Cramer said that he ran out of gas and started walking down the rural road with Broderick on his shoulders.  His father kept saying Broderick could still be alive, but Cramer insisted that wasn’t so and that “100 percent my son is dead, yes, I did it.”

There are reports that Cramer and his wife were fighting over finances.  He was out of work and wanted to take a road trip to the east coast.  She refused, saying they didn’t have enough money.  Some news outlets are calling this a “custodial dispute” while others are saying there was no indication that the boy was in danger.

One family friend claims that Cramer asked his wife if she wanted to go for a drive on that fateful morning, she said no and so he took their son, which wasn’t unusual.  “He took his son all the time with him on trips and kept him with him a lot,” said neighbor Ed West.

However, Cramer’s brother, Jon Cramer, paints a slightly darker picture.  He says that his brother is a former meth addict and was “doctor shopping” for a prescription to Adderall.  The empty bottle that was found on Cramer at the time of his arrest was filled just 5 days prior with 60 pills, which should have lasted him a month.

Adderall is a psycho stimulant usually prescribed for the treatment of ADHD or narcolepsy.  Side effects of abusing this drug are seizures, hallucinations, aggressive behavior, and paranoia, among others. Cramer is currently in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Jail on $250,000 bond.

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