Alex and Gabrielle MansourSylvan Lake, MI – Two children are dead and another is in critical condition after a boater collided with a tube on the water containing three young siblings.

The accident occurred on Sunday as John Mansour was using a jet ski on Sylvan Lake to pull a large tube being ridden by his three children, Alex Mansour, 11, Gabrielle Mansour, 6, and Adriana Mansour, 10.

At around 12:30 p.m., as Mansour was head south, a 56-year-old boater going east swerved to avoid Mansour’s jet ski but failed to see the tube he was pulling and struck the three children head on.

A witness said that after the collision, Mansour was hysterical.”

“I looked up and the tube was floating and the three children were floating in the water with their vests on,’ said Cindee Rosenthal. “The man on the jet ski had his hands on his head yelling, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, someone help me!” And then I heard someone yell “Call 911!” And other boats were heading toward the scene.”

Mansour, the man who hit his children, and other boaters helped pull the kids out of the water and transported them to shore where off-duty doctors and nurses treated them before paramedics arrived.

Sadly, Alex died of of “‘multiple blunt force injuries” to his chest shortly after the accident and on Monday, Gabrielle also died. Only 10-year-old Adriana survived the initial impact and she remains in critical condition.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard called the accident one of the worst boating tragedies he’d seen in a long time, and that his office would conduct a thorough investigation.

‘But in the end it won’t make anybody feel any better,” he said. “And regardless of the results, it’s not going to the heal the wounds that this has created; it’s so very sad.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, alcohol does not seem to be a factor in the accident and the operator of the boat that struck the children is being fully cooperative. Witnesses say hot temperatures lead to the lake being “unusually crowded” on Sunday.

I live near a couple of popular lakes that I totally stay away from during summer holidays. You’d be safer swimming in shark-infested waters with a bloody steak tied around your neck than in a lake full of drunken morons trying to navigate high-speed vehicles on the water.

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