Carie CharlesworthCALIFORNIA – A second grade teacher has been fired due to the actions of her abusive ex-husband and through no fault of her own.

Back in January,  Carie Charlesworth had to call police three times in one weekend due to harassment issues involving her ex-husband, Martin Charlesworth.  On Monday morning, when she went to work, she advised the principal of the situation and asked that police be called if he showed up at the school.  Not deterred by the restraining order he had just been served, he showed up at the school.

The school went on lockdown, and Martin Charlesworth was arrested on two felony counts.  After that incident, Carie was put on indefinite leave with pay and her four children who were attending the school were also banned.

Finally, in April, she received a letter from Holy Trinity School advising her that because of her ex-husband’s threatening and menacing behavior, her presence at the school posed a safety risk to the students and that she would not be receiving a teaching agreement for the next school year.  In other words, after working there for 14 years, she has been fired even though she has done nothing wrong and her children have also been kicked out of school.

Carie has decided to come forward with her story to draw attention to the plight of domestic violence victims.

“They’ve taken away my ability to care for my kids,” said Charlesworth.  “It’s not like I can go out and find a teaching job anywhere.”

In the termination letter she received, school administration states that they learned that “Martin Charlesworth has a twenty-plus year history of violence, abuse and harassment of people – mostly women . . . He has an equally long history of threatening people, including those whom he believes are interfering with his intent at any time.  We have found many applications for restraining orders in Alaska and California and criminal matters in both states.”

It then goes on to state, “We feel deeply for you and about the situation in which you and your children find yourselves through no fault of your own . . . Although we understand he is currently incarcerated, we have no way of knowing how long or short a time he will actually serve.”  Well, that’s pretty right on as his inmate sheet states he’s due to be released in two weeks.  Also interesting to note, he is 6′ and 230 lbs.  And you can email him!  Awesome!

This is a no-win situation.  It is not fair for Ms. Charlesworth to be fired and further controlled by her ex-husband.  She did nothing wrong.  WTF is this poor woman supposed to do now?  Just sit and wait for him to kill her and/or their kids?  They have just thrown her to the wolves.  I am pissed that this guy gets to keep ruining her life.  He’s probably happy as hell he got her fired.  And the poor kids!

On the other hand, imagine having your child go to this school.  You get a call from school advising you that they are on lock down because one of the teachers violent ex-husband just defied a restraining order and showed up at your kids school.  Would you be real thrilled?  Probably not.  In fact, a group of parents rallied to support the decision of the school, some even admitted to threatening to pull their kids out if Carie continued to teach there. Seems kind of dickish to Carie, but nobody is going to be very open-minded when you mix a violent, criminal stalker in with a school full of kids.  Should the kids that attend that school have to deal with that shit?  Considering yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of Newton, you know what’s on everyone’s mind in this situation

Two things really surprise me about this.  First of all, that the school is being so realistic about our criminal justice system.  Yes, the ex-husband SHOULD be locked away forever, Carie SHOULD be able to keep her job and everyone SHOULD be safe.  But that ain’t going to happen.  Secondly, that a school actually fired a teacher!  Wow!  But, it is a private Catholic school and, being so, they can fire whoever they want for whatever reason they want and not be sued.  It’s called “ministerial exception.”  And, the cold hard fact is that, as her employer, the school really has no obligation to support her in her personal problems.

So, fellow demonites, what do you think?  Did the school act responsibly or are they just alarmists?  Would they be liable if they were to keep her on knowing about her being a potential target of violence?

An interesting little tidbit I found while Googling my brains out (not as sexy as it sounds) trying to find Martin’s picture is that he was apparently “blacklisted” in some form from California’s teaching credential commission in 2004.  It states, “Charlesworth, Martin M. El Cajon, CA: All pending applications are denied for misconduct pursuant to Education Code section 44345.”  44345 turns out to be a blanket code for anything that would prevent someone from becoming credentialed – from being mentally handicapped, to being a drunkard, to being a violent, crazy, stalker ex-husband and future murderer.

But, hey, the people who fired Carie Charlesworth are going to pray for her, so everything will work out just fine.  Have some faith.

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