Buck ZumhofeWillmar, MN – Former AWA wrestler Eugene “Buck” Zumhofe is facing 12 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct for repeatedly having sex with his daughter between 1999 and 2011, starting when she was just 15-years-old.

According to the criminal complaint, 62-year-old Zumhofe started having sex with his daughter after she moved into Zumhofe’s home in June 1999 – a year after she first met him. The abuse started with his touching her breasts and then moved on to oral sex. After about two weeks, the father and daughter had sex two to three times a day. This would become two to three times a week until she, now 29-years-old, left in June 2011.

She alleges that approximately 1,800 separate acts of sexual abuse occurred during those years and ended up reporting the abuse after seeking therapy and medical care in 2012. Since she left, Zumhofee has become violent and has threatened the woman, her husband, and has threatened suicide.

Even stranger is that various witnesses seemed to be aware of the relationship between the two. According to the complaint, some had seen Zumhofe kissing his daughter in public and “dirty dancing” with her at a New London-Spicer High School Dance. A college friend of the woman’s was invited to join a threesome but declined and others knew the two shared a bed in Zumhofe’s home.

The woman’s mother tried to remove her from Zumhofe when she was a teenager but Zumhofe threatened to kill himself and told the victim that it would be her fault if he did, so she stayed with him.

Zumhofe appeared in court on Tuesday to face six felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and six felony counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. His bail was set at $500,000 for unconditional release and $100,000 cash or bond for conditional release. In 1989, Zumhofe was convicted of criminal sexual conduct and served a 36-month prison sentence. I tried finding some info on that conviction, but came up with nothing.

I know shit about wrestling. It may come as a shock to you, but us Southerners are not taught about professional wrestling and NASCAR in school. But doing a bit of digging on this guy shows he is credited with a lot of “firsts” in wrestling.  Buck “Rock n’ Roll” Zumhofe is often credited with being the first to come out with a song and the first person to put in a body bag by The Undertaker.

It also turns out one of his daughters, Heather Zumhofe, was a wrestler herself who was once managed by her father. Of course I have no idea if this daughter is the victim, as she is not named in the news articles, but general consensus in the wrestling crowd is that she is the one Zumhofe abused for over a decade.

I also found this interesting piece of info from an interview he did in 2012 where he made this comment regarding his business: “My daughter, you know, she ran off, got married, wants to get knocked up. I haven’t talked to her in months, she deleted me off the website [Facebook] and she won’t talk to me so I have nobody running the business right now.”

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