happy pitCALEDONIA, WI – Before any of you start thinking this is another “pit bulls are evil” stories, I wrote this one up because it’s a story that seems to be incompetent dog ownership that led to a 15-month-old getting bit in the face by a pit bull.

On June 5th, police responded to a home where a child had been bitten in the face by the family’s pit bull. According to reports, the child had been sitting on the kitchen floor eating a cookie when the pit bull, named Mary Jane, presumably bit the child while trying to get the cookie from the child’s mouth.

The child had to be taken to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin suffering from severe facial tears, puncture wounds and missing teeth. Of course this could have happened to anyone with an animal in the home with young children, but it’s the other details being reported that make this incident so rage inducing and avoidable.

“This particular animal the family took in and they knew it had been abused in the past so they had taken this dog in and they told us that the dog is not friendly towards children,” said Lt. Gary Larsen from the Caledonia Police Department.

Turns out this isn’t the first time Mary Jane has injured someone. The pit bull has a prior animal bite report on file from 2009 where it bit its owner on the hand, requiring the owner to receive stitches. On top of that, neighbors describe some very disturbing behavior regarding the dog as well as the dog’s owners.

“We’ve seen them swing the kids around in the mouths and they’ve had to pry his mouth open to get it off the kid,” said one neighbor. Awesome.

The dog was still in the house when the officers arrived and was later turned over to Countryside Humane Society of Racine after the owner surrendered it to be euthanized. So far there have been no criminal charges filed, but the investigation is ongoing.

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