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drown dogSPRING, TX – The mother of an 11-year-old boy has been charged with child abandonment after she left her son home alone and he decided to kill some time by choking and drowning a neighbor’s dog.

On May 26, the dog’s owner noticed her dog was not in the yard and checked out her surveillance camera footage to see what may have happened. Video captured her neighbor’s son sneaking into her yard and snatching her dog, so she called police. When they arrived at the boy’s home, they found he was there alone. home alone.

The boy told them that his mother had been gone since earlier that morning and eventually confessed he’d taken the small dog, choked it unconscious and then drowned it in a hot tub at a nearby vacant house. He led police to the dead dog’s body and returned the corpse back to the extremely distraught owner.

Police called his mother several times before finally reaching her. Once they made contact, they informed her they were waiting for her at her home. She got there an hour later with the boys father, a truck driver whose truck had broke down in Buffalo, Texas. At first she said she had left the boy with her sister so she could go get her husband, but then admitted she had left the boy there alone because she was in a hurry.

The boy’s parents were reportedly shocked at what their son had done, but the neighbor said she had heard the mom say her son had fantasies about killing animals. The mother, 41-year-old Desiree Gillard, was charged for failing to provide her son with proper adult supervision in her absence. Her bail was set at $5,000. Her son’s case will be referred to juvenile court.

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